About us

Sport is passion. We help you pass it on.

GoalShouter has been sharing its passion for soccer since 2013 thanks to a team that is constantly engaging with a sports and new media environment..

Now with GoalShouter, you can announce any soccer game in real-time and easily comment on events with a smartphone.

Our goal is to make innovative communications tools accessible to the soccer universe—especially to non-pros—that can also collect all the statistical data once available only to the most successful teams and major information channels.

GoalShouter is the ideal tool to bring every team to its fans and collect statistical data from each game and all its players, from the youth leagues to pro teams.

We are constantly working to improve our product and make the user experience simple and exciting.

For this reason, we provide free support to each user and a communications channel that is always open.

Over time, this has allowed us to collaborate with hundreds of amateur teams as well as the pro world: clubs, federations, leagues, brands and media.

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She begins to tell your passion for football!

The subsidised program was created with the ERDF resource competition: in fact, GoalShouter is among the winning projects of Invitalia's call Smart&Start Italia, which facilitates projects that include spending programs of between 100 thousand and 1.5 million euro (net of VAT), to buy investment goods and incur business management costs.
Smart&Start Italia recognises an interest-free mortgage with a maximum duration of 8 years, equal to 70% of the eligible expenses.